Global Outreach
Managing Partners

Founder and Managing Partner

Ashwaq Mohamed Alkhayat - Bahrain

Founder and Managing Partner

Reem Bsaiso Al-Shahed - Jordan

Honorary Council

Mohammad Muhsin

Ex-Vice President of the World Bank, Consultant Centennial International Group – Washington DC

Dr. Abdul Noor

Partner, Centre for Managing Implementation of Development Program (CMIDP) – Washington DC

Ms. Elizabeth Filippouli

CEO Global Thinkers and Global Thinkers Forum – United Kingdom, Dubai, UAE, Greece

David Santuli

Executive Director, United Planet – Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Dr. Abdul Waheed Khan

Ex-Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, UNESCO, Honorary Fellow of the Commonwealth of Learning, holder of many global medals and awards

Her Excellency Attiya Mahmood

Ex-Ambassador of Pakistan to many countries

Mr. Stephen Cole

Chairman: Institute of Diplomacy and Business, Global analyst on the Middle-East and former International News Anchor for 25 years with BBC, CNN International and Al Jazeera English

MENA Ambassadors


Ms. Tahani Hilmi


Mr. Mohamed Saddik

About Us

Global Outreach is a startup, committed to the spreading of knowledge towards knowledge-based economies, economic growth and job creation, by focusing on the human capital. Although a startup, it accumulates experiences of its global advisory and managing teams in carrying out global, regional and national initiatives in training human capital, building capacities that incorporate in part information and communications technology, 21st century skills and entrepreneurship, in public and private settings. Global Outreach (GO) organizes small customized workshops and works with its partners on pilot training that can be scaled up. GO also provides interpretation and translation services in different languages, emitting out of its belief in the necessity of knowledge transfer


Bridging of knowledge and skills that we believe are the basis of world peace, prosperity, economic growth and job creation.


Transfer of knowledge and skills from experts through needs-based training, interpretation and translation tools, within overarching knowledge-based economies directives, in national and private sectors settings.


  • Conduct needs-based customized training in Bahrain.
  • Provide highly professional teams of interpreters and translators in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and other languages upon request.
  • Provide quality services, with measurable outcomes of impact.
  • Expand to include more Gulf countries, MENA Region and developing countries.


  • Study the needs: conduct baseline studies, needs assessment and situational analysis research of target sector or group from the public, private and civic sectors to understand, prioritize and better respond to maximize potential and opportunities.
  • Qualitative Material: design customized and localized needs-based and qualitative training content that is matched to the needs of the target group or sector, and is up-to-date with global trends.
  • Quantitative Material: design scalable training schemes on national, sector or institution levels, by creating sustainable training models and projects.
  • Pedagogy: take into consideration the number of theoretical and practical training hours, hands-on training, interactive sessions and use of technology, teaching and learning resources where possible, to transfer and deliver knowledge and information through different interactive workshops and seminars.
  • Trainers: contract and partner with worldwide reputable and experienced leaders and experts in their respective fields, with track records of successful delivery and outcomes.
  • Language: training is either done in the indigenous language or by supplying the state of the art interpretation and translation services.
  • ICT & 21st Century Skills: focus on ICT-based knowledge-economy and entrepreneurial and upper-order skills which include but not exclusively: critical, analytical, and creative skills, innovative thinking, problem solving, employing scientific methodologies, working collaboratively within groups, working distantly towards self- and lifelong learning, leadership, teamwork and communications skills; understanding, using and merging technology in study and work, social media and digital security.
  • Target Group: Focus on key sectors like public service providers, private sector, health, education, labour, etc., and cross-cutting issues: governance, leadership (for boards, CEOs, managers, staff, etc., global warming, social media, digital security, diplomacy and other sector-specific and needs-based training. Group size may vary from few CEOs, for example, to nationwide educational schemes and projects.
  • Upon request, provide professional third party assessors to measure the impact of training.
  • Upon request, provide third partly professionals to conduct an impact assessment of the training, or any relative survey and evaluation.
  • Upon request, provide third partly professionals to produce a documentary video of the training or the organization, that can be used to showcase an event or the organization.
  • Expand across the Gulf region and gradually across MENA.
  • Conduct needs-based customized training in Bahrain.
  • Provide highly professional teams of interpreters and translators in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and other languages upon request.
  • Provide quality services, with measurable outcomes of impact.
  • Expand to include more Gulf countries, MENA Region and developing countries.

Good will and disclaimer note

The permanent team work overlooking this company is based on good will and good ethics to carry out its noble mission of spreading knowledge through translation and channelling training to serve development and better livelihood, believing that education is the major pillar of peace. Global Outreach carries out its business affairs and activities in line with its mandate, vision, mission, goals and objectives; for lawful purposes in line with local, national and international laws and regulations. Global Outreach will work with clients and recruit trainers, translators, interpreters or other consultants, in all good will to the best of its knowledge in dealing with reputable, competent and efficient individuals and institutions.


Global Outreachis a profit-based registered company in Bahrain, with a scope of operation in the Gulf and across MENA in channelling and providing training and translation services to serve the public and private / civic sectors in such sectors as education, health, labour, etc. and cross-cutting sectors like governance, human resources and other.


It has no political inclinations nor affiliation whatsoever. It is a non-biased, non-partial and non-discriminatory company that believes in the equality without any discrimination that is based on race, colour, ethnicity, religion, disability, national origin, gender or age. It is not responsible for any third party actions or training content in case of any law infringements or discriminatory or unethical behaviour. This will apply for copyrights and Intellectual Property (IP) rights – as Global Outreach will not be responsible for third party infringement on IP rights; however it will respect the copyrights / IP rights of others.